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Guy Duplantier x
Jung x Laer_export_DSC_2246.jpg
image-asset (1).jpeg
Rachel Martin x Laer_export_DSC_9063.jpg
Jung x Laer_export_DSC_2249-2.jpg
Jung x Laer_export_DSC_2270.jpg
Stella x Laer_export_DSC_1191.jpg
Talisha x Laer_export_DSC_2053.jpg
Arjang Mahdavi x
Arjang Mahdavi x
Jung x Laer_export_DSC_2613-2.jpg
Jafin Garvey x Laer_export_SCA_2941.jpg

Photography : Shawn Arrington

Models : Guy Duplantier, Jung Yun, 

Rachel Martin, Stella Simona,
Talisha Liburd
, Arjang Mahdavi,

Jafin Garvey, Bronte Schleppi

Creative Direction : Angela Choe
Art Direction : Angela Choe
Production : Angela Choe

Bronte Schleppi x Laer_export_DSC_8125.j
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